“Digital Marketing Life Cycle”

Digital Marketing Life Cycle (DMLC) means what? A series of phases through which Digital Marketing is run during its lifetime is defined as Digital Marketing Life Cycle.


DMLC provides a series of steps to be followed to run a marketing policy efficiently. DMLC framework includes the following steps:


Digital Marketing Life cycle


Figure:  Digital Marketing Life cycle


“The phases of DMLC”

MEET THE CLIENT: Meeting with client is very important as You have to keep it in your mind that you are there to organize and undertake possibly one of the most essential tasks in getting the client’s trust and gaining a successful business relationship. You have to find out each and every requirements for your digital marketing campaign. Remember a thing, this meeting will lead you to take all the decisions related to the products and audiences.


Research (Audience): After a successful client meeting, you need to start your own work. Firstly, use your brain to identify the most targeted audience for your client’s product. Digital Marketing is the best and one & only way to target the specific audience. Research yourself to know the audience type according to their gender, age, works, locations, interests etc. Use some tools to get better results.


Research (Competitor): You can not be relaxed by only researching or targeting specific audiences rather you must need to research your competitors also. Watch out your competitors and think out the better strategies than their. Use some tools and google analytics to know the conditions of your competitors.


CHOOSE PLATFORM: When you know about your targeted audiences and competitors, you will need to choose the platforms. You should select the platform through the audience research. You need to find it out that your targeted audience use which platforms mostly? And you should just apply your strategy on that platform to get the maximum numbers of response.


MARKETING PLAN: Better marketing plan will help you most to get the attraction on the market. You need to think of creative campaigns related to your targeted audience. Creative contents are one of the most important keys of Digital Marketing. Develop a plan for upcoming months and run some creative campaign.


DATA ANALYSIS: Fixing plans/ strategies of your campaigns or marketing policy are not enough. You need to justify and do analysis on your campaign that whether it is providing you a better engagement of your targeted audience or not. If it is okay then boost it up. On the other hand, if your plan doesn’t match then think something different immediately.


RE-PLAN & RESEARCH: You can not rely on your fixed plans, you need to re-plan again to get more success. And, research the whole things again and again. Research from the top to bottom and try to be up to date yourself with the data analysis.


Written by- Atikur Rahman Tonmoy